“We know that child abuse is related to later dating violence, as is witnessing violence between parents or in the community,” he told me.That’s why Temple’s team wanted to go back further and see if corporal punishment in itself was associated with dating violence, and it was—even controlling for “child abuse” in a more traditional sense.(The words I choose to use here are loaded, I know.

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If a child is misbehaving—if he keeps swearing, or playing with matches—and then you spank that child, the behavior stops immediately.

The effect is so apparently obvious that it can drive a sort of delusion.

Lived experience tends to be more powerful than facts.

The notion of a continuum is corroborated by the stated intent of abusers.

As much as two-thirds of abuse begins as an attempts to change children’s behavior, to “teach them a lesson.”Temple’s team at Texas isn’t the first to link spanking and later relationship violence, but it is the first to control for other forms of child abuse.He is fundamentally opposed to telling people what not to do.It’s not just a Texas thing; it’s proven not to work.It’s in the face of personal experiences like these that science has been flailing for generations.Some 81 percent of Americans believe spanking is appropriate, even though decades of research have shown it to be both ineffective and harmful.For younger children, that can mean taking away a toy temporarily.